The Colour Of Your 'Shaadi Ka Lehenga' And What Does

It Reveal About Your Personality

Bridal lehenga is the hottest topic each one of us happily discuss with almost anyone
and everyone. We take tips and try to get the best of lehenga design for our wedding 
day. While some of us love pastels and other colours on the colour palate, some 
prefers to stick to the traditional lane and opt for reds. But do you know these colours
reveal a lot about your personality. Yes, that's right. Scroll down and see what your 
choice of colour reveals about you. 

#1 The traditional Red!
If you are one of those who chose to stick to the traditional side, then it shows that you respect your culture and the beliefs. It also reveals the cheerful side of yours, and brides wearing this color are self confident and full of energy. They demand respect and aren't
afraid to  show their sensuous side.

 #2 The shades of Pink
The second color brides happily wants to adorn on their wedding is the peppy pink. It accentuates the feminine side of yours.This shade shows your happy side and it also depicts that your love life would be a fantastic affair.                                


#3 The love for peaches!
This color is very much in trend and brides who chose this shade stands out of the crowd. It shows of the bold side of yours that doesn't shy away from speaking their heart out. You are unique and you know it.


#4 Shades of Purple!
Well not all will dare to choose hues of purple for their wedding, but if you are one of them, then, dear bride-to-be, it simply shows your love for adventure and doing unusual things. It shows that you like challenges and are always up to take one.


#5 The green!
If you have chosen a green color lehenga, it simply shows off your nature and the good taste you have in choosing your things. If you prefer this shade over every other, it simply shows your self controlled nature.


#6 Shades of Orange!
If you are among few who had chosen an orange color lehenga or similar to it, then  this simply means you are fun loving, and enjoy social outings and meeting people. They are bubbly and full of life.